SolarEdge PV Generation wrong when battery in system

PVOutput is retrieving total AC power for a SolarEdge site, this is correct when there is no SolarEdge battery in the system and is the equivalent to the PV generation…

However, when there is a battery this total AC power is no longer the same as PV output, two obvious cases I can hightlight are:

  1. The batery is being charged from “excess solar”, this is energy from the DC bus going into the battery to charge it and therefore is not converted to AC to be reported at that time.
  2. The battery is discharging, this could be overnight, it is reported by the total ac power parameter. Obviously this is not directly PV output (although it relates to the under reporting in point 1 above minus round trip losses)

While I would love the battery charge/discharge, round trip efficiencies etc to be handled (and get the may be a big job), as a starting point it would be great if people with similar systems as me could accurately track PV generation.

I have raised a ticket with SolarEdge to find out what they recommend as best method, can it be done with V1 API, be retrieved via V2 API or be calculated from a number of other parameters.

Comments here related to the below -

Seems the rough solution would to be -

Gross Production (v1) = Solar Edge Production + Battery Charge

Gross Consumption (v3) = Solar Edge Consumption + Battery Discharge

The first step however, as per the comment in the other thread, is to record battery charge/discharge separately in Extended Parameters and manually calculate and verify the final gross values over a number of days.

Changed this topic to an ‘Idea’ for a feature enhancement.

Confirm if you would like volunteer for testing, this would involve a few additional API calls on your account to SolarEdge to inspect the battery data.

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More than happy to help how I can, let me know what you need and provide it.

Presumably SiteID and API key?

Agree with both calcs, seems reasonable.

When logging into the web based monitoring portal, in the day view their is an option to download CSV, the file downloaded has a “Solar Production” or similarly named column. Maybe it is calculated via the Web portal code.

Thanks - will just use your current settings for the tests.

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Link to the SolarEdge Battery setup thread -