Solaredge + openweathermap temp

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I’ve been enabling and disabling for the last couple of days, but I can’t get both inverter temp and ambient temp in one graph. Is it possible? If so, how?

And are there other solaredge tips and tricks (and settings) that are need/nice to have?

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Hi there sorry its not possible to put too temps on the same graph,most people put one in extended data and have the other on the live page also if you are somewhere HOT its good to fit a external fan to keep the inverter temperature down to about 40 c so the inverter dos,e not derate its output due to heat, jim

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As @jimdcollie mentioned you would need to disabled solaredge temperature to move it to extended data v7-v9


Thanks for the replies.

So, There is no possibility to get inverter + ambient temperature on the live page. Can I make this into a feature request?

And, if I understand it correctly:
v5 is inverter temp?
v6 is voltage?
v7-v9 is extended data, shared by inverter and (in my case) openweathermap.

If the intention is to compare the two then, temperature (v5) can shown on the extended graph instead.


v5 = any temperature
v6 = voltage