SolarEdge new config - missing generation data


My system is listed here:

It’s my first time setting up a solar system. Yesterday I managed to get my data auto uploaded but I noticed that it doesn’t show the solar energy generated. I followed the instructions in Auto Uploader — PVOutput documentation and some data is available (basically - just energy used and inverter temperature read) but not the most interesting one which is solar output.

Can someone help me figure out what I did wrong? I assume that I should see the Solar output, right?

Appears that it took a couple of days of playing around with the settings, but looks good now…?

Thanks for looking. It does look a bit better after one of the things I tweaked with was to change the “Direction” setting from “Both” to “Solar”. I still don’t understand the terminology of this setting even after reading the documentation.

It now seems to put the live report a bit closer to what I see on the SolarEdge portal but not quite. e.g.:

  1. The readings jump in a staircase shape, which makes me suspect that the set reporting interval is wrong?
  2. The most recent reading is dropped a lot, is this because it’s just the latest and incomplete interval?

I believe 5 minute interval data is only available to donators.

Donation status also allows for the use of a secondary device to measure consumption. Looks like you lost that when changing to “Solar” from “Both”.

I donated. I had to donate in order to gain access to the auto uploader.