SolarEdge Inverter - New Battery

Hi all.

I’ve had my system configured on here since it was installed in June 2019, but have only just connected a LGChem battery. Is there a suggested configuration guide for SolarEdge StorEdge + LGChem setups?


I am also interested in the subject, I have a lg Chem battery.

Did you ever figure out a way to incorporate your batteries into your account here?

I’m interested as well. I cant get my live data right, consumption from the battery seems to be treated as import and numbers seem all over the place when compared to the SolarEdge app. I’m using SolarEdge with a LG Chem and the api does support reading out battery percentages and such. Does anyone know how to configure this in the system ?

Will need a volunteer SolarEdge account or two to retrieve battery data.

Post a reply if interested, this will result in additional requests to your SolarEdge API account during testing.

I’ll provide all the help you need. Just let me know