SolarEdge Exported and Import columns incorrect since 2020

Something strange seems to have been going on since 31 Dec 2019 for my system. On the daily view, while Generated and Consumption values are correct, Exported and Import values have been incorrect since the 31st of Dec 2019 included. Basically, it always reports that Exported = Generated and Import = Consumption.
I’m pretty sure that I have not changed any settings on my system in PVOutput, all intraday power values are reported ok.
If that helps, I have a utility 3-phase supply and a 1-phase inverter on phase A. My config is Primary: Solar, Secondary: Consumption (Wattmeter measuring import/export)
Did anything in PVOutput get changed at this date? I tried to hit the SolarEdge API but values there seem reasonable, using powerDetails and energyDetails endpoint.

Thanks in advance.

The system has a tariff plan that ended on 31-Dec.

When there are no plans covering the current date, the default tariff data and model will be used, which is currently on a gross import/export setting. This will have export = generation and import = consumption.

You will need to add a plan that covers 01-Jan to 15-Apr.

Ahah thanks mate! Now, I did put in 31-Dec in the end date field because from memory it didn’t seem to work properly without an end date (tariff had a start date but did not get picked up). However, using the date picker it always shows dd-Mon without a year. Is there a reason why the year in the start/end date fields is missing?
I had to end up removing both start and end date for my tariff, also put old tariffs as disabled so that they don’t interfere. The combination of enabled/disabled & start/end dates is a bit confusing, maybe some documentation in the help of how they are used would great for users? For instance an example of how to set tariff fields if a tariff stops at date d and a new one starts at date d+1.

Tariff plans are documented below -

The plan start and end dates are inclusive.

The end date of Plan A would be d, and the start of Plan B would be d+1.

Thanks again.
Actually upon reading further down the doc I found the “changing tariffs” section quite helpful with the impacts of active/inactive settings and dates for different s scenarios.
In my recent experience, I had set my tariff to end on 31-Dec and found that the values for that day did not use the tariff (export=generation…), hence non inclusive.