Solaredge export/site limit control

My buddy has a 10kW Solaredge inverter with 11.1kW of Longi panels with power optimisers. The system was commissioned by a “professional” Solar Installer, but he admitted it was his first “SolarEdge inverter” and struggled with the setup!

We have been through the Solaredge videos for Export lImit and Site limit but the commissioning app still says “Site Limit 3.5kW”.

Does anyone know, or can anyone assist in configuring the system to a 5kW limit?

The system was initially installed without a smart meter. Even before the smart meter was installed the app displayed Site limit of 3.5kW.


You will need to register for an installer account at solaredge. Then download the setapp application and do the changes. If you don’t plan to install a second solaredge inverter (I bet you don’t) just set the site limit to 5kw.
If this does not work, contact support. There is a chance that they will do this remotely (if you are lucky) within a month!!!
If they can’t do it, they will install newer firmware. If this also does not work they will
say this is the first time they see this issue (standard response). After some emails and arguing from your side they will send a new inverter within some weeks (4-8). If the new inverter does not work they will send yet an other inverter. Of course you will bear the cost of their mistakes.

Thanks Lampra, we already have the installer account and can use the setapp application. But the changes don’t seem to work? Definitely not planning on a second inverter. I guess we have to contact support and start that ball rolling. Sounds like it can be a torturous time with their support line. Thanks.

Start first with a support case with the installer account at their website. Describe the issue and the next day call them and provide the case number.
ps: Written responses (mostly standard responses) will e sent to the email of the installer account

Check again if there is already a 35% active power limit which would explain why site limit does not work (should be somewhere in the menu like Power Control->Active Power->Power Limit)
check also this

Thanks Lampra, will check it again. And thanks for the feed in limitation note link also.