Since I have lost trust and faith in Solaredge to come up to speed with a bug I have reported in November 2017 and was told this issue is across every owner now I would like to get some feedback of the truth from the forum to achieve some results I need with the company in Questions.
The error page which provides us with important information of the errors recorded is not longer connecting. as shown below… can any owner out there check the same page of the same connection issues and respond here please. I believe it should be across all solaredge inverters as I have been told but for the record I use the SE7300.

Any solaredge owners out there they can check with this issue please !!!

I have solar edge but I’m not understanding the problem you are experiencing. Can you specify what the exact problem is that you are having?

thank you for your interest this is a serious issue we need to prove it exist as solaredge has told me …
I have the image of the dashboard page above showing the issue.

To locate the page follow on the solaredge dashboard only visible click on the Layout icon
then right click on the inverter and select info.
a new window will open as the one above showing on my example with two tabs.
Click on the tab with the errors and see if you get the same message as I did. if not please take a screenshot and uploaded here … this is very important as I believe solaredge company is misleading every single one of their customers…
Your help will be apprecited

Perhaps a bit late, but in my SE-account I can review the error-tab on the Invertor page. It says “No errors found”. But in my case in the Dutch language…

Hopefully it helps.

I get the same as you.

ok thanks people i really appreciate this.
that tells me that solaredge in Australia have been misleading by telling me that the fault is national and world wide. I believe they have done this so I don’t see how many times my unit disconnects from the grid as they badly programed it. Thank god for this forum I can see now the truth and performance in almost real time. This is going to be fun now as its clear they have done this to my profile only and they have me waiting since November last year 5 months and counting for a resolution from the Israel HQ office as a T3 engineer is looking at this WHAT A LOT OF CRAP! …this company is … they have been trouble from day one i call them to explain their inverter performance which is now lost 30% of production due to AC voltage and DC voltage restriction set to 2 sec at 253V and 400DV to switch the unit off . time for that legal action if I don’t get satisfaction from the point of sale company now.


I’ve checked the same page, and it sais to me also that “failed to retrieve data”.

I’ve quickly checked the network logs, and there the server sais:
User … does not have permission to action: ViewAlerts

Access to the specified resource (User … does not have permission to action: ViewAlerts) has been forbidden.

So I believe this is a feature that is set to be available for user with higher permission levels (eg installer), and the error is only in the user interface, where they failed to communicate this correctly or hide the errors tab completely.

Anyway I believe you should update your ticket with this finding. If you/they need any more detail feel free to ask.

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Its interesting with some people see this page working as seeing above and some people don’t.
Its important as a user to see all the errors as no one in really monitoring the performance and if the user is not able to see this page I was told we can then what is the point of the monitoring. I know mine disconnects 40 times a day and no one cares … simply they don’t like shwoing any errors to the owners for the obvious reasons as I am experiencing faults that they dont fix till I call them… where do we go from here ?

Toobark I believe you are spot on however why some people can see this and some dont. I am escalating this with the company as we all need to review errors and how the system performs since the solaredge dashboard is not showing clear the interruptions on the system. Mine has gone down 278 times in a week and no one cares from their end

No problems here

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Hi Tony you might like to have a read of this as well. Jim, think you need to paste it