SolarEdge daily energy generation different to PVOutput

Hi all,

Looking at my solar edge daily energy totals I am consistently getting different results, and unsure which is “true”. Looking at SE portal vs PVOutput for last few days as example (UK date format):

SolarEdge: 9.102 kWh
PVOutput: 8.902 kWh

SolarEdge: 7.099 kWh
PVOutput: 6.821 kWh

SolarEdge: 8.027 kWh
PVOutput: 7.640 kWh

It’s always consistently lower on the PVOutput side. Can someone explain it? I am paying PVOutput user so getting the 5min interval results from SE vs the 15m.

I have a SolarEdge system that uploads, and I also have a Victron system, and Home Assistance.

for the 3rd November:

PV Output: 11.019 kWh
SolarEdge: 11.204 kWh
HA: 10.8 kWh

Its always varied, now HA gets its reading from an E112 energy meter, so is seeing the true generation (see note below) after efficiency losses in the inverter. It is a little odd how PV Output differs from the SE dashboard, but its not enough to concern me.

My Victron system has our grid connection pass through it (for whole house backup), the “To grid” and “From grid” are 5% out when checked against my smart meter. I have an E112 energy meter that also measures the SE generation, I have to add a very small adjustment to the figure this generates so it matches the actual generation meter.

Conclusion is there is little inaccuracies everywhere.

Hmmm, but PV is getting its data from the SE API, checking the API myself today it reflects the same as SE website portal, so seems like PV’s maths is wrong?

PVOutput uses the SolarEdge API which provides power (W) data every 5-minutes. The energy (Wh) is calculated from these values.

You can enable the “Energy” option on the PVOutput system SolarEdge Auto Uploader config. This will use SolarEdge reported energy but only in 15 minute intervals.

This issue has come up a few times. In my experience SolarEdge reports erroneously high energy values and the values calculated by PVOutput are closer to the values measured by my generation meter.

I have a kWh meter between the inverter and the grid, which precisely measures the generation and consumption of the inverter, and that is exactly the difference.