Solaredge AC Voltage shows just 1 inverter

Hi, I have 2 solaredge SE3000 inverters of which I want to make the voltage visible in extended data.

I upload data from both inverters, which are interconnected with RS485, via API to pvoutput, however I only see the AC voltage of 1 inverter in extended data v7.

If I also add the AC Frequency and Ac Current via v8 and v9, the data of v7 disappears.

My question:
Am I making a mistake in the settings, if so please let me know what the correct way is.
If it is not a wrong setting, but if this is not possible in Pvoutput, I would also like to hear about

Pvoutput shows 1 ac Voltage and 1 ac Current from 2 inverter Solaredge itself shows 2x ac Voltage and 2 ac Current.

PVOutput will only record the voltage/current reading from the last inverter serial.

Changed this to an ‘idea’ for future enhancement to ‘Add’ or ‘Average’ the values.