SolarCoin Eligibility

I had a request from the founders of (The SolarCoin Foundation) to see if you might consider adding to the display? The idea is to show users how many solarcoin(s) their systems are potentially eligible for.

I recently registered my system into solarcoin. The grant of the digital currency is 1 solarcoin for 1 MWh of solar production. There is no charge to the system owner at all. Solarcoins can be converted into Bitcoin or other digital currency to obtain their cash value.

Many articles have been published about this in Forbes, Scientific American and the latest is on Cleantechnica at:

I believe this is a truly worthy project that can benefit many PV system owners.

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There are no plans to promote solarcoin on PVOutput.

Hi there, Im not sure if promotion os what pclifton was suggesting, just show the SolarCoin value of the energy a user has generated, just as the site shows local currency sums.

In other news at we now have working PoC energy capturing into the block-chain, and we are able to recover the data and chart upon it.
Why is this relevant? What happens if server or data storage hits an issue? PVOutput also has to pay hosting and bandwidth fees, and needs supporters and donations for that. What if PVOutput didnt need any of that infrastructure anymore, what if all the data was in the immutable, uncorruptable, DDoS proof block-chain, hosted across nodes spread all over the world, and all the costs were paid for by the activity of claiming SolarCoin? We are trying to build a database that is free and open to all, I hope you like the concept.

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