Was curious what the process would be for adding support for a system to Auto Uploader would be?

SolarBridge was sold to SunPower and then to Enphase. Their monitor product used to do useful things like dump all the panel solar data to a cloud portal and send alerts if a panel died.

It has a local web interface where you can see data but no way to do alerts. It does have a place you can punch in a url for an alternative destination for the data to be sent though.

I have reverse engineered their data format, and have some python code that can pull apart part the payload if that would be useful. I was hoping it might be easy to use that to add SolarBridge as an option to AutoUploader.


Adding providers to the Auto Uploader requires the service to have a published / documented API so that the data can be automatically downloaded and processed.


Gotcha. Yes this would have to be a push from the monitoring box which I guess wouldn’t work in this case.