Solar Gen stats

My stats show solar generation as blank when I look at the daily stats, however they are shown for the Live stats and if I select a day. Is there something I’ve done wrong or is this how it should be?

Daily stats - solar gen blank

Selecting yesterday’s stats from the Daily stats page and I have five minute solar gen numbers.

My config is Tesla Powerwall2 and SolarEdge inverter if that has a significance.

I have a suspicion that the two are different fields and the daily one is reported as I have Powerwall and it is in Extended Data whereas the other is from elsewhere (inverter) and not filled in because I have Powerwall, but that is really a total guess trying to retrofit an explanation to what I am seeing.

Check that a Summary option has been selected for that parameter.

Hmm, well I had it set to none so changed it to sum, that produced a crazy high number, something like 300,000w. I trjed W to Wh that also resulted in a big number, but not as big. I’m wondering if, as I send stats every five mins should it be divided by 12. I’ll check later today once back on PC and not just my phone. Thanks for the help.

For power W measurements, W to kWh is the correct summary setting.

Actually, looking again at the information, today’s total looks correct. Yesterday’s when I made the change part way through the day is wrong (over 300kWh!), somehow I’ll try to sort that.

I’ve failed to find a way of just recalculating the daily summary. So, having looked at help I’ve come up with the following…

1: Download the day’s data to a csv file.
2: Split the file in half (max no entries that can be loaded is 200 - a day is 288).
3: Delete the day’s data
4: Load the files using the CSV loader.

Hopefully, that will get rid of the daily summary error for solar generation from extended data or even better calculate a correct one (either is good).

Is this data load approach the best way?

CSV Loader is only for end of day data and does not support extended data.

You will need to use the Live Loader for rather than the CSV Loader.

Thank you, using Live Loader it worked great. Now have a valid Solar Generation for the problem day I created. Think I’ll go back and offload/reload a few more days to get the Solar Generation in the Daily Summary correct.