Solar Edge users?


Hello all,
I am a new Solar Edge user located in the USA, southeast Texas. I just put my system online yesterday. I am not thrilled with the Solar Edge App that monitors the system and am hoping someone else who has one may have insight to a better monitoring system that interfaces with Solar Edge. My system is 16.82 kWp. I have two Solar Edge HD 7600 series inverters, and 57 Mission Solar 295w panels with optimizers. It’s a grid tied system, I also purchased the Tesla powerwall but it is on backorder and still yet to be installed.

Main question is what may be available aside from Solar Edges app for monitoring this system?


I’m not a Solar Edge user but it looks like pvoutput will read their API for data…


VUg I think the app is fine. It defaults to the dashboard layout. There is another option, if you can get your provider or SolarEdge to turn it on, to monitor the physical and logical layout of your arrays. The photo shows a logical layout of the panel This allows you to monitor each individual panel. Otherwise, I like PVOutput Pro for iOS, availarble from the App Store. Be sure to set your settings to 5-min intervals. L


Thank you, yes I have both the dashboard and the app provided from the installer. I was hoping for real time numbers, but I agree the app isn’t really bad, I guess I’m hoping for more data than necessary.


Thank you, I am still attempting to put in all the right info to get the PVOutputPro app to work. I don’t think it works with an iPad, so I’m trying to figure out another alternative.


PvOutput pro works on my ipad. (Download for iphone)


Thanks for the tip I’ll give it a try.


It’s made for iPhone. It will work on iPad but is simply a larger screen; it’s not modified for a tablet.


I have a SolarEdge SE7600 and Powerwall 2. If you are a PVOutput donor, besides solar output, PVOutput can log the inverter voltage and temp, also air temp via Wunderground stations. In addition, the polling interval can be down to 5 mins (as opposed to 15 mins in SolarEdge monitoring system).

With Powerwall 2 and a dedicated PC on your home network running PVOutput Integration Service, you can also upload your home power consumption, grid import, and Powerwall charge/discharge rate. You can download the PVOutput Integration Service here:


Thanks for the info, I will have the Tesla powerwall 2 when the backorders come in, projected date is sometime in March crossing my fingers that it’s available by then.

That aside I am waiting on my pc to come in this week going with a desktop since my wife is retiring the middle this year and I only need an iPad, my laptops are all broken and I doubt I will have them repaired.

Sooo when I get it set up I’ll play with the PVoutput system on the desktop.


How did you get your installer to put the Powerwall 2 on the Storedge SE7600? Everyone I talked to, including Solaredge says no since it is an AC coupled battery.


I’ve got a Powerwall 2 installed with a Solaredge 7600. Works great.



Awesome, I need to find an installer that will do it then. Mind sharing your set up from PW2 to SE7600?

Also, are you on a TOU? I’m in SCE TOU territory and work from home, so highest usage at highest cost time. Has Tesla PW2 TOU shifting gone live yet?


It’s a typical PW2/Solar install with a gateway; basically the same as shown in PW2 spec sheets.

I’m in a co-op, with a TOU available. I haven’t switched it yet. I may switch when PW2 supports TOU.

AFAIK, PW2 TOU has not gone live yet.


You can follow conversations about TOU shifting, etc at the the forum site


@shrike @dlj57

Thank you very much.

Do you happen to remember how much it cost you to install the PW2? I feel like I’m getting ridiculous quotes for one battery when I see posts like this elsewhere.

1: 2xPowerwalls $5500
Gateway $700
Permit Fees $150
Installation $900
Taxes $1082.25

Total: $13832.25

2: Two powerwall 2s, San Francisco bay area (Unincorporated Alameda County), total roughly $13,800, so 2,800 for permits, gateway, breakout box and installation of all of this.

3: My total cost for two units+install was $13,715.25.


I was charged $7,900 for one PW2 install. The price included: installation, hardware, permit fees, and taxes. It was offered as a “turn-key” solution.

Considering you’re installing 2x PW2s, it appears your quote is not unreasonable. FWIU, most of the cost for a PW2 is for the 1st unit since it adds the cost of the gateway, permits, etc. Additional units are much cheaper as you’re only paying for the unit and install.


Is your system setup to work as backup power in case of grid power outages?

It is my understanding that you have to get a StorEdge 7600 inverter. The regular doesn’t work with batteries… is yours the StorEdge model?


SolarEdge first touted a conversion unit for the SE7600A-US was on the way. I later found out that they decided that the conversion was too complicated to be cost effective (I assume) and have developed the new HD-WAVE inverters which rely more on electronics than on magnetics to invert DC to AC. Apparently they designed in the ability to add battery backup to this series of inverters. Spec sheets:
Reviewed here:
For integration with batteries look here: