Solar Edge monitor to PVOutput monitor

Hello from Texas

My Solar Edge monitor is reporting the days production but for some reason PVoutput picks up only half the day. I’m not sure how to fix this problem. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Below is a copy of my SE Dashboard from today site ID I left if anyone wants to take a look.

Solar Production
Current Power9.59 kW
Energy today11.51 kWh
Energy this month441.91 kWh
Lifetime energy441.93 kWh

Site summary
NameLowry - 18024 Jungman Rd
CountryUnited States
AddressJungman Road 18024
Last updated01/23/2018 10:10
Peak power16.82 kWh

Total Consumption doesn’t match neither does the daily aggregate of total production. PVoutput is under reported.

The SolarEdge server is reporting missing energy data for this site.

Switch off the Energy option in PVOutput to use power instead.

The configuration should be -

  • Primary Direction = Solar
    • Energy = Disabled
  • Secondary Direction = Consumption

The Both direction has no effect on SolarEdge and will revert to Consumption.

Thanks I just changed those settings, I will wait to see how it reports when Solar Edge syncs in, hope that’s the fix to the problem.

The power values are being read now, however the system is reporting in 15 minute intervals rather than 5 which is why there is a wave pattern.

There will probably need to be some enhancements to handle this and average out the data from 15 minutes to 5 minutes.

The inverter also appears to be reporting quite a few ‘FAULT’ intervals in which no production is made -

2018-01-24 14:59:41,FAULT
2018-01-24 15:14:41,FAULT
2018-01-24 15:29:40,FAULT
2018-01-24 15:44:40,FAULT
2018-01-24 15:59:39,FAULT
2018-01-24 16:14:39,FAULT
2018-01-24 16:29:39,FAULT
2018-01-24 16:44:38,FAULT
2018-01-24 16:59:38,FAULT

I contacted my installer yeasterday as I thought the system was not working properly. I had consulted my weather underground app and it showed the day with a full curve on solar radient with very few troughs from cloud cover yet the system reported very low production numbers. I don’t think it performing as it should. I need to get their tech on site and look at my system.

That aside. I poured over the numbers printed on PVoutput, it seems that the solar production or generation numbers are not recording…I only see the consumption and usage numbers.

Is that all I will be able to see with my current settings?

The system is still configured as -

  • Primary Device Direction = Both
  • Secondary Device Direction = Consumption

Please change the Primary Device to Solar.

The Both direction has no effect on SolarEdge and will revert to Consumption.

I’ll give that a try thanks

That worked it seems to be recording both consumption and production now and my numbers are within + or - those of my Solar Edge app…thanks so much for your help and patience BB.

No problems. Have those faults check out as well.

I found by playing with settings that the best one to use for me are…


It fills all field columns with data, if you want to pass that on to others using SolarEdge they may find it helpful if they wish to see all the data.

Doesn’t the SolarEdge only report 15 minute interval data?
That’s all I’ve ever seen from SolarEdge directly from their downloads.

They provide energy in 15-minute intervals and power in 5-minute intervals.