Sofar - basically as Trannergy?


is Trannergy autoupload basically Sofar? I am asking as I wanted to add sofar solar outputs - and realize there is no auto upload for it, but a very similar fo Trannergy…


I will reply myself: it works!

Simply tried, and it is OK!

@bankstownbloke can you add it to the official help?


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Yes, been using it for a year like that now. Works like a charm

Mine isn’t working wonderfully-seemingly it gets not the energy but power, and there are some gaps with 0W so in the end of the day on pvoutput there is less kWh than on solarman.

@bankstownbloke can we change the auto upload to energy instead?

Which system would this be?

99077 is the sid.

The generation on this system looks normal on the 19th June, without any gaps, although it is using a 10 minute status interval rather than 5 minutes.

Hello, yes this is one of the days without any gaps. Look at June 20th.

I did 10 minutes, as there were even more gaps when I had 5 minutes.

Still, energy instead of power would be better, as even if there are gaps (whysoever), it would give the correct energy fot the end of day. So I kindly repeat the question: Can you take into consideration changing it?

The PVOutput does a ‘history’ extract for the station every hour for the entire current day which should not have any gaps, so there may be an issue with solarman API.


there seem to have been some changes to the algorithm (?), but still the energy is not being summed up correctly. This “history extract” I don’t get at all.

Seems still that instead of importing energy from solarman API you are importing power values. Correct?

Yes, only the “generationPower” value is imported from the solarman API

As you can see (my pasted worksheet) the power is not sufficient to be exact, by any means.

Would you consider changing it to energy which would make it better? Thanks!

Best to start an new ‘idea’ thread and request this as a new enhancement for Trannergy.

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