SMA Inverter Bluetooth no longer working - how to monitor

My SMA Sunnyboy inverter 4kW is no longer reporting usage - the Bluetooth seems to have stopped working (blue light not on, even after numerous shutdowns and restarts).

I have Efergy monitoring for the consumption data, and I have 2 solar systems, the SMA and a Growatt. The Growatt is reporting generation via Wifi, but how can I (cheaply) add monitoring for the SMA’s generation?

Current method of getting generation data was to use a Raspberry Pi and SBFSpot to connect via bluetooth and download the data, which is then uploaded to PVOutput.

Restart the PI and have a look at the SBFspot logs.
The blue LED is only visible when SBFspot is able to connect. Nothing wrong with your inverter.

You could try the Felix solar log app as a backup option. That’s what I’ve been using for the last 10 years but it does require the user to manually connect to sync the data

I can’t connect to the SMA from my phone or laptop, it’s not listed. Pretty sure the issue is with the inverter as I can’t find it at all with multiple devices, standing next to the inverter.