SMA Integration Services with CSV

I am trying to get the CSV files exported from my SMA sunnyboy into PVOutput.
I got the service running and connected via API to PVOutput.

In the logs I can see that there is a connection, but no data is imported in PVOutput.

I think I need to do more configuration in PVOutput, but can’t figure out what exactly.
Read the section in the Help file, but apparently I need some help.

Can you point me in the right direction?


When I take a look at the documentation ( I don’t see SMA as supported format.
Maybe SBFspot can help.

Thanks for your response
I was thinking about SBF-spot, but thought I was missing something in PVoutput.
I do not need the “donation mode” ?

Readme file of SBF-Spot:
What it does
SBFspot connects via Bluetooth or Ethernet to your SMA® solar/battery inverter and reads Archive Day/Month Power generation, user/installer events and the actual (spot) data. The collected data is stored in a SQL database (SQLite/MySQL/MariaDB) or SMA® compatible .csv files. A separate service/daemon uploads the collected data to

You could imagine that this meant that the CSV files I export directly with sunnyexplorer out of the SMA would be the same format.

Try PV beancounter. Works on my SMA 4000TL

i use an old android phone with Felix Solar PV Log app. Uploads to pvoutput from my 5000TL