SMA Bluetooth

For several years I’ve been monitoring my SB3300 using the SBFspot
software running on a small Linux computer.

My SB3300 provides Bluetooth communications - rather restricted since
the computer is at the opposite end of the house! I’ve had to run an
extended USB lead which is not entirely reliable.

An attractive alternative would be to use an Espressif ESP32
microcontroller: this is quite powerful and includes both Wi-Fi and
Bluetooth. But Espressif’s Bluetooth API is significantly different from
the Linux one. So far I’ve been unable to get the ESP32 to connect to
the SB3300.

I wonder if anyone else has experience of this? Or would be interested
in comparing notes on how best to get this to work?

Take a look at this project

Also wondering about this capability… the project itself on GitHub seems to be stalled?

you might also want to check Domoticz.
It has a SBFspot integration.

Did it last weekend when my old SBFSpot Raspberry got some linux issues after regular update/upgrade actions.

Adding a Zwave controller or P1 smart meter cable you have direct insight in your power actions.