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For some reason my Oxley app ‘lost’ its API key. I was able to regenerate one and could upload from my system again. However, now my ‘Your Outputs’ page shows ‘Daily TOU’, which in my case has no data, so is blank. I tried the ‘Customise’ page, but only ‘Time of Use’ ‘Time of Export’ or ‘Both’ are available in the dropdown. ISTR many more options are available previously, including ‘Standard’, which I think it was set to prior to this. How can I get back to this page, which shows my daily outputs in graphical form, weather conditions and comments?

OK - I think I’ve sorted it - but it could be a bug, so I’m posting again to show what I did. I was in the following page (I’ve changed the id and sid to ‘xxxxx’ and ‘yyyyy’ for privacy):

I looked at the source of this page: there were several statements with different ids within the HTML, in which I noted the ‘tt’ one was the dropdown I was seeing and the ‘v’ one was what I wanted. Changing the ‘&v=2’ to ‘&v=0’ in the URL bar brought it back to what I had previously. The value ‘0’ related to Standard and ‘2’ related to ‘Time of Use’.

Click on the squares below the graph to switch views -

Thanks for that - I sometimes wondered what those squares were for - I’d assumed they were just decoration. (Noted from your link to the Views page why I only see 4 squares, not 5 as in your screenshot.) It would be useful if their function was shown adjacent on the List page - perhaps linked with the Customise menu option? Please take this as a suggestion, not a criticism! Overall, a very useful site that shows me how my system performs in comparison with others locally. Keep up the good work!

the 5th square is extended data for those that have donated