Should i get my smart meter calibrated


The math just doesn’t seem to be adding up for me.
Do u think i should get it checked out? or is it to soon
PV was just installed on the 13th this month.

Smart meter Silver Spring N22834 1 phase, part no E1E100-031

Fronius inverter 5 kilowatt

Smart Meter readings for 12hrs 21/11/18
Moring 830am 19333.2 kw
Night 830pm 19333.4 kw
The PV Generated 31kw
Feed in or out i just dont now any more whats is .11cents
Cost per kw 29 cents
Estimated power used 5 to 6 kw.

What do u guys think i feel the smart meter should be a bit lower than the 19333kw reading.
And how do u go about getting your meter tested ?
Supplier United Energy Melbourne Australia.

By the looks of it i will have to pay for the test


Turned out I was right Smart Metre has not been programmed/setup properly yet.