Shelly script direct upload to PVoutput POC

I’ve been playing with a Shelly script to directly upload power to PVoutput, there where some firmware updates for the Shelly that broke my progress but for anyone who’s interested (this needs some more work) =>

let PVO_URL = “”;
let PVO_DATE = “20221006”;
let PVO_GENERATION = “5000”;
let PVO_PP = “2300”;
let PVO_PT = “08:40”;
let PVO_CM = “Shelly_1PM_script_next_update_in_5_minutes”;“HTTP.GET”, {
url: PVO_URL + PVO_APIKEY + “&sid=” + PVO_SYSID + “&d=” + PVO_DATE + “&g=” + PVO_GENERATION + “&pp=” + PVO_PP
+ “&pt=” + PVO_PT + “&cm=” + PVO_CM,});

Just as an POC :wink:

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Did you perhaps work on this a bit more? I want to use a Shelly (Plus?) Plus S for monitoring my solar on a 545 wattpeak panel and preferably als upload this to pvoutput.

Suggestions anyone ? :slight_smile:

I ported chrono-Compatible Low-Level Date Algorithms to JavaScript to make it happen.

I’ve got it working, but it’s very hacky.

Once they add a Date function, it’ll be better … and they just did — see It shipped in 1.0.0-beta5: I’m waiting for a stable release.