Setting Tariffs for Elysian (Vic AU)

Hi, wonder if anyone is on Elysian Energy.
Their setup is a bit unusual.
$80 per month, which includes the first 250kw free. No daily charges.

How would I go about setting up the tariff in PV Output ?
I know its probably much of a muchness but hoping to get as accurate figures from the tariff figures as I can.

Any assistance much appreciated!

Silly me, I should have thought this through before posting.
$80 - 250kw * price per kw / 30 would give me a rough daily charge.

I have just also connected to Elysian.

How are you accounting in PVoutput for the sun / moon rate and prepurchase of the $80 ?

Thankfully my plan is Single Rate.
so I’ve got $80 for the monthly, and 250kwh free.
What I did was calculate my daily rate by
$80 - 250kwh * kwh rate /30 days to get a daily rate.

In the same boat here. I have just signed up for the Elysian TOU plan. It looks like a great plan from the numbers I have run but I can’t see a way to model it in pvoutput.

Have you worked out how to model this rate structure with pvoutput?

$80 / month includes:
100 kwh off peak
150 kwh peak

Additional usage rates:
9.9 c/kwh off peak
26.4 c/kwh peak

FiT: 13 c/kwh

Here is a way to set up your pvoutput rates to model the Elysian Sun / Moon TOU plan.

This assumes that you use all of the free energy bundled into the $80 monthly fee every month. Using it all may present a challenge certain times of year if you can’t change your usage patterns to match.

Peak FiT: 13c
Off Peak Fit: 13c
Peak tariff: 26.4c
Off-peak tariff: 9.9c
Daily service charge: 100.27 <— This is the $80 monthly fee, less the value of the free bundled energy averaged into a daily figure.
Peak time period: 7:00 - 19:00 every day

Example of the daily service charge calculation:
Value of free peak bundled energy: 150 kwh @ 26.4c = $39.60
Value of free off-peak bundled energy: 100 kwh @ 9.9c = $9.90
Monthly fee excluding the value of the bundled energy: $80.00 - ($39.60 + $9.90) = $30.50
Convert remaining monthly fee to daily fee: $30.50 x 12 mo / 365 days = 100.27 cents / day

Hope this helps someone.

Thanks for the reply.

I am unsure currently if I am on the flat rate or TOU plan.

Elysian seems a bit flaky, as the portal says different to my contract…

Will wait for the 1st bill to see……