Set up for an average guy with solar and a powerwall

I just signed up and maybe this is not for me. I am not a programmer by any means. Is there a simple step by step set up guide for this or is it designed more for the programmer, engineer someone that know what they are doing :slight_smile: Does The system collect usage data automatically or does one have to enter the data, since I see a place for an api I am assuming it is automatically collected. I looked and didn’t find any good setup guide.


You can, following the instructions, make it all set-and-forget.
You’ll also need to have your Tesla Gateway configured to connect to your home network (WiFi or cabled) in addition to its backup 4G cellular link to upload to the mothership (which is what makes the app work). Your installer may have done this part for you already.

You’ll need a permanently turned on Windows PC for the PW2 monitoring and uploading automagically. Some use an old laptop sitting in a corner, some hack a Raspberry Pi and install Windows, I manage to set up a Windows PC in a Virtual Machine running on my NAS box, which is on 24x7 anyway. Anything will do, it doesn’t have to be powerful.

Depending on which inverter you have, it may support uploading directly without any further intervention (Fronius).

Don’t worry if you aren’t technical or a programmer - there’s enough of those in here very happy to give you a hand, so feel free to ask questions.

I looked for directions and never found them, where can I find them?



MikesGear – 7 Dec 17

Monitoring Tesla’s Powerwall2 on

Visit the post for more.Read here ,no programming needed just read the whole post and follow step by step

First - do you have your PW2 gateway connected to Wifi, so you can point a webbrower to (change to your own gateway IP address) and see the power flow diagram, and to and see the database of real-time values in your web browser?