Sent data from s0 via Wemos to PVOutput


Since a couple weeks I have 10 PV-panels (2950Wp, facing southeast) on the roof of our house. Unfortunately I have an AEG-inverter, which has problems (not working). AEG is promising to make it working, but it still can take weeks/months…

Nearby the analog (Ferraris) kwh-meter of the Energie Supplier, I’ve a din-rail kWh-meter with a s0-output to monitor the generated energy by the PV-panels.

I’m new to programming with Arduino, but have found some useful information on the internet already. Furthermore I already have ordered a Wemos D1-board, which I want to use to sent the data from the s0-output to PVOutput.

1.) Do I need something more than a Wemos D1, Power supply (micro-usb 5V), kwh-meter with s0-output, cables, working internet-connection, and the codes from PVOutput?
2.) Does someone have a direct-to-use code which I can put on the Wemos by using Arduino IDE-software

If possible, I want to add a second kwh-meter with s0-output to monitor the used energy to upload to PVOutput. For this, I’ve got the next questions:
3.) Is it possible to use the Wemos D1 to sent this information too?
4.) Does someone have a direct-to-use code which I can put on the Wemos by using Arduino IDE-software which will sent the information for both kwh-meters to PVOutput?

thanks in advance!

Used kwh-meter



From what I can see the Wemos D1 is an 8266 based board with 11 digital I/O ports and an operating voltage is 3.3V.

I presume that the din-rail kWh meter outputs a pulse for every unit of electrical energy it detects passing by. You would need to check the output voltage of the meter. If it is 5V you will not be able to directly connect it the the D1.

With 11 digital I/O ports you should be able to obtain data from multiple din-rail meters at the same time.

The data from multiple din-rail meters can be combined and sent to PVO in a single PUSH. r2 /addoutput.jsp

You will need to obtain the DATE & TIME as ‘d’ is an expected parameter for the PVO API call. The correct time could be obtained via NTP.

If you look at the following URL and search for ‘Arduino’ there is an entry for ‘Arduino Solar Meter’ which is described as ‘Smart Meters - S0 Pulse Meter’. The contents appear to have been moved to