Sense Energy Monitor to PVOutput?


My Rainforest Eagle-200 has been very unreliable with lots of missed readings lately. This is the 2nd unit I’ve had and it just seems to be getting worse. This one is only 9 months old.

I purchased a Sense Energy Monitor for another property that I own and so far it’s been pretty good. Does anyone know if it is possible to grab data from that and post it to PVOutput?


I use a derivation of this ported to Qt/C++ and post to my PVoutput data:

Sense’s historical data is at least 15 minutes delayed and heavily averaged.

I’m really disappointed with Eagle-200 lately as the Cloud data has been offline for ~4 days in a row now. Then 4 days before that a 2 day outage. Then 2 days before that a 2 day outage. Today, I just switched my data uploading to the Eagle’s local-api and the data is otherwise reading fine off the meter …


I opened a ticket with Rainforest for the zero readings that pop up several times a day. They blame wifi drops but have apparently changed a setting…

"I have changed the upload configuration for PVOuput to save packets if the EAGLE loses connection and then upload them later. "


FYI, after 9 days straight of inconsistent to non-existent Cloud uploads, I queried CS.

Many more days later, they came back that my Eagle was DNS-timing out trying to access Cloud – I’d previously power-cycled the Eagle to resolve.

Now, I changed the DNS settings on my router from CloudFlare back to my ISP’s and the Eagle started uploading again. I changed DNS back to CloudFlare and could not get the problem to repeat. :man_shrugging:


The setting change they made didn’t resolve anything so they’re now doing some intensive logging to get to the bottom of the issue I’m seeing.