Secondary Power value?


I monitor both consumption and solar using an efergy system.

I have the Secondary Pawer value set to opposite, however, I am trying to get a grips on the other values, add & subtract.

I am starting to wonder if I should be set to subtract?

Thanks in advance


  • Add will add both primary and secondary together
  • Subtract will result in the primary value minus the secondary value.


Thanks for that.
It appears that “opposite” shows primary and secondary as simply separate entities? (that is what I have set)
Is there a preferred setting?
Can I play around with the values without mucking things up?


There are no preferred setting as each setup is different and should be specific to your requirements.

If an generation upload has been set up on the primary then a consumption on the secondary should be set to the ‘Opposite’ direction.

If the secondary is another inverter then ‘Add’ should be used on the secondary to add it to the primary.

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thanks, that is a great help.