Secondary array

I have added a Secondary Array to my system, because I have two different orientations connected to one inverter. This works well if i hover above the systemsize were you can see both arrays.

But when I go to the display.jsp page I only see the details of the first array, but the second array is missing.

It’s the other way around with the number of inverters. If you have multiple inverters, it is visible on the display.jsp page, but not when you hover above the systemsize.

Hi Welcome to this site, to be able to list and see a second array is part of the many more things you can do if you become a donator to this site,jim
the second array is grayed in settings unless you are a donator,when its filled in it showes the second array live and also the insolation for it as well ,as mine shows,Jims maxim jinkos 66250

+1 for the added benefits of supporting this great site.

I could be wrong, but from what I’ve seen it doesn’t appear that the secondary array addition is a donation only feature. And it appears that you have already set that up in the edit system section. Are you logged into PVOutput when you go to the display.jsp site? I see the same thing with my system that you showed in the image above when I’m not logged in (only 1 array is shown). But when logged in, the “display.jsp” in the address bar automatically turns into “edit.jsp” and all the system details, including the secondary array are visible.

It appears that the secondary array is just not publicly viewable.

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The secondary array isn’t a donation feature.

Its just not visible in the ‘display’ page.