SDGE Discontinuing HAN Support- looking for alternatives

Hi All,

Longtime user of Rainforest Automation Eagle to send my usage data to Wattvision and ultimately to PVOutput so I get combined usage and generation stats. SDGE sent out an email that as of Dec 1, 2023 they will no longer support the HAN integration between my Rainforest and the meter. Looking for ideas/suggestions for a replacement that doesn’t require HAN to work.

Any thoughts or suggestions of other working products is greatly appreciated.

Still looking for suggestions. Enphase provides this but I hear it has issues, and is beyond my budget at this time. Any other ideas other PVO users have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Did you find a replacement? My rainforest is being dropped by my utility also.

Emporia is about the only thing I found in the price range but no idea of the accuracy. My eagle 200 worked v well for 7 years and then seemed to die - just power light, wifi and HAN lights off.