SD card or Raspberry Pi broken no data SBFSpot

Hi, I’m using a raspberry Pi now for a very long time with SBFSpot to read my data from the SMA inverter.
But yesterday, I received a message: Idle for more then 15 minutes. When I got home restarted the Pi but not much happening. I connected a screen and restarted again. But ik does not seem to boot. It is an older Raspberry Pi with a SD slot not a Micro SD. With a cardreader on my Mac mini I can read the SD card. So, can I conclude that the problem is not the SD card?

Next I wanted to clone the SD card 8GB to a 16GB micro SD card to fit in a newer Raspberry Pi. But did not succeed with that. Somebody an Idea how to do that on a Mac mini?

Or is it easier/quicker to make a new Micro SD card and start with the newer Raspberry pi?

Please help!

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Why do you want to clone the faulty 8GB software instead of installing a fresh version of Raspberry pi OS and SBFspot on the 16GB card?

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It is worth checking that the Pi is getting sufficient power. I have previously experienced boot failures with Pi’s running with a marginal power supply that was just enough to keep it running but occasionally failed to boot. The result looked just like an SD card fail.

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I do not know, if it is the Sd card or the Pi. Now I’m trying to do a fresh install on a new SD card and another Pi. But have still some issues using SSG from my mac mini. and error messages that I get back trying to install from githup.

Edit: That is also one that I can try. This is the solution. After about 10 years the powersupply was not operating the way it should. With a new powersuply it works fine again. Thanks.