Scale graph


On my live screen for generation and consumption the graph is scaled to 16000w but my solar is only 10kwh and my consumption is way less than that. Any chance of being able to set the limit or have it free scale based on x over highest reading?
My consumption looks like a light wiggly line at the bottom.


This is a work around and there may be another way: Click on your system size to get to the settings screen. Then locate the “Extended Data” section. Below the table see “Standard 1” and click on the down arrow of the window to the right and select “Power Consumption v4” then change the “Axis” setting in the small window to the right. Try different Axes until you are satisfied with the display. You will need to switch to the Extended Variables page to see it displayed that way and you may have to experiment with the axis choice…DON’T FORGET TO SAVE YOUR CHANGES.


Thats for extended data. Im talking about the show all tab/square if this was cut down to 10k it would make the consumption more readable.


It is not possible to change the axis on the standard graph.

You can use the “Consumption Only” or “Generation Only” views instead.