SBFspot - restore from backup

My Raspberry Pi packed in today - it won’t boot so I’m going to have to rebuild the SD card image. However if I mount the old SD card in Linux I can still see all the folders.

To save me from having to fully configure SBFspot again, is it possible to skip some of the installation steps from here and just copy over some of the existing directories?

Thanks - Bob.

Even when you are able to see the folders there is no guarantee you can recover the files completely. Try to recover the SQLite database (if applicable for you) and start the installation from scratch.
BTW, I’m working on an EZ-setup script to install & configure SBFspot: sbfspot-config

Ok, thanks SBF. I haven’t had chance to do it yet but I’ll set everything up from scratch as suggested. Once I’ve got it up and running again I think I need to look at taking a backup though. Apart from the database are there any other files or directories I should back up?


I think I’ve answered my own question. Following the instructions for a new installation is straight forward but made easier with a copy of the database changes to vwPvoData and copies of the SBFspot and SBFspotUpload configuration files :slight_smile:


Yes, that’s about it… All the rest you have to reinstall
I take a daily backup of SBFspot.db (zipped) on USB memory