SBFSpot manual upload?

I had an issue on April 1 where for some reason my SMA inverter didn’t have an IP address.

I figured it out and corrected the issue the following day but as a result I’m missing a chunk of data for that day and that day only. It caught up and “back loaded” all data for the current day.

I believe the data is in the db it just hasn’t uploaded because the date has changed.

Can someone please provide some guidance on how I can export the data for April 1 and re-upload it?


If the data is in the DB, it should get uploaded automatically.
Supposing you’re using SQLite, check if all 5-min data for that day is there:

select * from vwdaydata where strftime('%Y%m%d',timestamp) = '20180401';

You are right…

14:15 is the last record I have and that was uploaded to PvOutput.

So, does this mean the data still exists in the inverter? Is it somehow possible to get it or is it lost?

Thanks for your help

This depends on the type of inverter, but SB6000-TL should be OK. Try this:

SBFspot -v -nocsv -finq -startdate:20180401

I get “Invalid Argument”

The version you use is 4y old… you will need to upgrade first.
“startdate” argument was introduced in v3.0.8

Another remark: why do you run this as “Administrator”
Please don’t run applications as administrator unless it’s really needed.

Ah yes…indeed. I follow the theory that if it keeps working and isn’t causing you any issues it’s best left alone! I’ve had very few problems in the last 4 years.

I will give the upgrade a shot but I secretly hope it is a click then next next next kind of a deal or I’ll be probably be back.

Do upgrade instructions exist for Windows users?

If so could someone please point me in the right direction?


Stop the upload service and unzip & replace all files (except config) in program files folder.
When done, restart the service.

Woohoo, thanks. That was simple. Got it upgraded to 3.1 then ran the command you said to try and voila, all is good in the world again.

Thanks for your help.
Much appreciated.

I had cause to manually run this command this morning as I had data missing for the last part of the previous day. The computer was powered off from around 5 pm and when powered on again it had not updated the data for the end of 7/24.

I ran this…

SBFSpot -v nocsv -finq -startdate:20180724

This was the result…

Is there a way to fix this?

Seems to be a pvoutput issue, no?

Do you have the request data that was sent from SBFspot?

The data overlap has been fixed but there are gaps in the consumption sent between 16:55 and 19:05

I’m not sure how you fixed that but thanks for doing so. The gaps in the consumption were due to the Rainforest Eagle being down. Those things seem to go up and down on a regular basis and I think it pushes it to the cloud so I don’t think that’s recoverable, right?

Anyway, was more concerned about the graph looking skew with and that’s now resolved.

The issue was related to the Eagle net data pushes of data around midnight, which has been resolved now.

Thanks for reporting this as it was quite an obscure bug.