SBFspot Help Needed

Does anyone know where I can go to get SBFspot technical help? The old CodePlex site has closed and there doesn’t seem to be a way of raising a help query on GitHub.

In brief, I’ve just had a replacement SMA inverter fitted. Upload to PVOutput was working fine with the old inverter but I can’t get the new one working (it’s the same model - a SB 2500HF-30). I thought that it would just be a case of replacing the Bluetooth address in SBFspot.cfg and I’ve done this. I’ve subsequently tried several things including creating a new SQLite database. Data is being written to the database e.g.

sqlite> select * from vwSpotData;
2018-01-30 15:30:14|2018-01-30 15:30:00|SN: 212081|SB 2500HF-30|212081|101|0|0.361|0.0|283.0|0.0|54|0|0|0.221|0.0|0.0|245.51|0.0|0.0|101|54|53.5|633|634|50.05|3.87444|3.86222|74.5|OK|Closed|17.9
2018-01-30 15:25:15|2018-01-30 15:25:00|SN: 212081|SB 2500HF-30|212081|122|0|0.438|0.0|280.28|0.0|76|0|0|0.312|0.0|0.0|245.37|0.0|0.0|122|76|62.3|627|628|50.0|3.79139|3.77917|74.1|OK|Closed|17.9
2018-01-30 15:20:13|2018-01-30 15:20:00|SN: 212081|SB 2500HF-30|212081|128|0|0.455|0.0|284.46|0.0|80|0|0|0.329|0.0|0.0|245.51|0.0|0.0|128|80|62.5|620|621|49.94|3.7075|3.69528|73.7|OK|Closed|17.9
2018-01-30 15:15:35|2018-01-30 15:15:00|SN: 212081|SB 2500HF-30|212081|93|0|0.327|0.0|287.34|0.0|46|0|0|0.188|0.0|0.0|245.65|0.0|0.0|93|46|49.5|616|617|49.96|3.63|3.61778|74.1|OK|Closed|17.8
2018-01-30 15:10:14|2018-01-30 15:10:00|SN: 212081|SB 2500HF-30|212081|98|0|0.345|0.0|287.51|0.0|51|0|0|0.211|0.0|0.0|245.45|0.0|0.0|98|51|52.0|611|612|49.95|3.54139|3.52917|74.5|OK|Closed|17.9
2018-01-30 15:05:15|2018-01-30 15:05:00|SN: 212081|SB 2500HF-30|212081|98|0|0.329|0.0|301.13|0.0|49|0|0|0.201|0.0|0.0|244.99|0.0|0.0|98|49|50.0|607|608|50.01|3.45806|3.44583|73.7|OK|Closed|17.8
2018-01-30 15:00:14|2018-01-30 15:00:00|SN: 212081|SB 2500HF-30|212081|97|0|0.34|0.0|288.3|0.0|50|0|0|0.208|0.0|0.0|244.51|0.0|0.0|97|50|51.5|602|603|49.86|3.37472|3.3625|73.7|OK|Closed|17.8
2018-01-30 14:55:14|2018-01-30 14:55:00|SN: 212081|SB 2500HF-30|212081|109|0|0.393|0.0|277.96|0.0|64|0|0|0.262|0.0|0.0|244.21|0.0|0.0|109|64|58.7|598|599|49.89|3.29167|3.27944|74.1|OK|Closed|17.8
2018-01-30 14:50:14|2018-01-30 14:50:00|SN: 212081|SB 2500HF-30|212081|146|0|0.478|0.0|307.21|0.0|95|0|0|0.39|0.0|0.0|244.74|0.0|0.0|146|95|65.1|591|592|49.91|3.20806|3.19583|74.1|OK|Closed|17.7
2018-01-30 14:45:14|2018-01-30 14:45:00|SN: 212081|SB 2500HF-30|212081|197|0|0.659|0.0|299.09|0.0|145|0|0|0.596|0.0|0.0|243.99|0.0|0.0|197|145|73.6|581|582|49.93|3.125|3.11278|74.1|OK|Closed|17.7
2018-01-30 14:37:28|2018-01-30 14:35:00|SN: 212081|SB 2500HF-30|212081|208|0|0.672|0.0|311.85|0.0|154|0|0|0.632|0.0|0.0|244.53|0.0|0.0|208|154|74.0|558|559|49.98|2.99583|2.98361|73.7|OK|Closed|17.7

but not uploaded to PVOutput. In the log file I’m getting:

[13:42:54] INFO: Stopping Daemon…
[13:43:00] INFO: Starting SBFspotUploadDeamon Version 1.0.1
[13:43:00] INFO: Starting Daemon…

and nothing else.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks - Bob.

You have to link the new serial number to your PVoutput SID
In SBFspotUpload.cfg, change PVoutput_SID setting

There is no discussion forum on GitHub, but you can always create an issue - I don’t get here every day :wink:

Thanks SBF - that got it working :slight_smile:. Just one hiccup in case anyone else has the same problem, I was getting:

[15:09:17] INFO: Starting SBFspotUploadDeamon Version 1.0.1
[15:09:17] ERROR: Unable to open output file. See syslog for details.

in the log file. A quick Google revealed the answer to be to delete /tmp/SBFspotUploadDaemon.out which worked.

Because I’d recreated my database it also took me a while to figure out how to get the extended data to work again. I think I’ve cracked it but have run out of daylight so will have to check tomorrow.

Please don’t take this as a criticism but a lot of the documentation that was on CodePlex seems to have disappeared which made the job a bit harder. Brilliant software by the way - I really appreciate your efforts.

Glad to hear you got it working again…
It seems they archived all codeplex projects as from now, that’s why you don’t find the documentation. I’ll add it to Github asap.


I haven’t changed my Inverter, yet have exactly the same output in the log file … there isn’t nearly enough debug info to workout what is wrong.
My config file is fine, as it is a backup of an Pi flash card … they corrupt regularly when we have power glitches.

[13:29:52] INFO: Starting SBFspotUploadDeamon Version 1.0.1
[13:29:52] INFO: Starting Daemon…

Friday 2 February 14:36:23 ACDT 2018

pi@rpi1:~/smadata $ /usr/local/bin/sbfspot.3/SBFspot -v -finq -nocsv
SBFspot V3.3.1
Yet another tool to read power production of SMA solar inverters
© 2012-2016, SBF (
Compiled for Linux (LE) 32 bit

Commandline Args: -v -finq -nocsv
Reading config ‘/usr/local/bin/sbfspot.3/SBFspot.cfg’
Fri Feb 2 14:38:21 2018: INFO: Starting…
sunrise: 06:37
sunset : 20:20
Connecting to 00:80:25:0C:38:44 (1/10)
SUSyID: 125 - SessionID: 973241457 (0x3A027C71)
SMA netID=01
Serial Nr: 77504C24 (2001751076)
BT Signal=75.7%
Logon OK
Failed to get current plant time (-1)
SetPlantTime returned an error: -1
SUSyID: 99 - SN: 2001751076
Device Name: SN: 2001751076
Device Class: Solar Inverters
Device Type: SMC 6000A
Software Version: 12.12.207.R
Serial number: 2001751076
SUSyID: 99 - SN: 2001751076
Device Status: Ok
SUSyID: 99 - SN: 2001751076
Device Temperature: 0.0°C
SUSyID: 99 - SN: 2001751076
GridRelay Status: ?
SUSyID: 99 - SN: 2001751076
Pac max phase 1: 6000W
Pac max phase 2: 0W
Pac max phase 3: 0W
SUSyID: 99 - SN: 2001751076
Energy Production:
EToday: 25.753kWh
ETotal: 65913.026kWh
Operation Time: 31609.45h
Feed-In Time : 30126.42h
SUSyID: 99 - SN: 2001751076
DC Spot Data:
String 1 Pdc: 5.259kW - Udc: 327.00V - Idc: 16.083A
String 2 Pdc: 0.000kW - Udc: 0.00V - Idc: 0.000A
SUSyID: 99 - SN: 2001751076
AC Spot Data:
Phase 1 Pac : 5.001kW - Uac: 249.00V - Iac: 20.088A
Phase 2 Pac : 0.000kW - Uac: 0.00V - Iac: 0.000A
Phase 3 Pac : 0.000kW - Uac: 0.00V - Iac: 0.000A
Total Pac : 5.002kW
SUSyID: 99 - SN: 2001751076
Grid Freq. : 49.97Hz
SUSyID: 99 - SN: 2001751076
Current Inverter Time: 16/07/2016 21:16:21
Inverter Wake-Up Time: 16/07/2016 21:16:20
Inverter Sleep Time : 16/07/2016 21:16:21

  • ArchiveDayData() *

startTime = 5A731658 -> 02/02/2018 00:00:00

  • ArchiveMonthData() *

startTime = 5A727BA8 -> 01/02/2018 13:00:00
Reading events: 2018-Feb-01
Fri Feb 2 14:38:35 2018: INFO: Done.
pi@rpi1:~/smadata $ sqlite3 SBFspot.db
SQLite version 2014-10-29 13:59:56
Enter “.help” for usage hints.
sqlite> select * from vwspotdata;
2018-02-02 14:38:34|2018-02-02 14:40:00|SN: 2001751076|SMC 6000A|2001751076|5259|0|16.083|0.0|327.0|0.0|5001|0|0|20.088|0.0|0.0|249.0|0.0|0.0|5259|5001|95.1|25753|65913026|49.97|31609.4|30126.4|75.7|OK|?|0.0
2018-02-02 14:35:14|2018-02-02 14:35:00|SN: 2001751076|SMC 6000A|2001751076|5259|0|15.987|0.0|329.0|0.0|5001|0|0|20.088|0.0|0.0|249.0|0.0|0.0|5259|5001|95.1|25466|65912739|49.99|31609.4|30126.4|76.1|OK|?|0.0
2018-02-02 14:30:13|2018-02-02 14:30:00|SN: 2001751076|SMC 6000A|2001751076|5291|0|15.889|0.0|333.0|0.0|5029|0|0|20.2|0.0|0.0|249.0|0.0|0.0|5291|5029|95.0|25063|65912336|49.97|31609.3|30126.3|75.7|OK|?|0.0
2018-02-02 14:25:14|2018-02-02 14:25:00|SN: 2001751076|SMC 6000A|2001751076|5292|0|15.892|0.0|333.0|0.0|5031|0|0|20.206|0.0|0.0|249.0|0.0|0.0|5292|5031|95.1|24642|65911915|49.96|31609.2|30126.2|75.3|OK|?|0.0
2018-02-02 14:20:14|2018-02-02 14:20:00|SN: 2001751076|SMC 6000A|2001751076|5358|0|16.092|0.0|333.0|0.0|5093|0|0|20.454|0.0|0.0|249.0|0.0|0.0|5358|5093|95.1|24219|65911492|50.03|31609.1|30126.1|75.3|OK|?|0.0
2018-02-02 14:15:14|2018-02-02 14:15:00|SN: 2001751076|SMC 6000A|2001751076|5362|0|16.008|0.0|335.0|0.0|5096|0|0|20.384|0.0|0.0|250.0|0.0|0.0|5362|5096|95.0|23794|65911067|49.93|31609.1|30126.0|75.3|OK|?|0.0
2018-02-02 14:10:14|2018-02-02 14:10:00|SN: 2001751076|SMC 6000A|2001751076|5347|0|16.254|0.0|329.0|0.0|5084|0|0|20.338|0.0|0.0|250.0|0.0|0.0|5347|5084|95.1|23370|65910643|50.08|31609.0|30126.0|75.7|OK|?|0.0
2018-02-02 14:05:13|2018-02-02 14:05:00|SN: 2001751076|SMC 6000A|2001751076|5380|0|16.355|0.0|329.0|0.0|5114|0|0|20.542|0.0|0.0|249.0|0.0|0.0|5380|5114|95.1|22944|65910217|49.93|31608.9|30125.9|75.3|OK|?|0.0
2018-02-02 14:00:14|2018-02-02 14:00:00|SN: 2001751076|SMC 6000A|2001751076|5401|0|16.417|0.0|329.0|0.0|5133|0|0|20.618|0.0|0.0|249.0|0.0|0.0|5401|5133|95.0|22531|65909804|49.93|31608.8|30125.8|75.7|OK|?|0.0
2018-02-02 13:55:13|2018-02-02 13:55:00|SN: 2001751076|SMC 6000A|2001751076|5372|0|16.281|0.0|330.0|0.0|5107|0|0|20.512|0.0|0.0|249.0|0.0|0.0|5372|5107|95.1|22105|65909378|49.91|31608.7|30125.7|75.3|OK|?|0.0
2018-02-02 13:50:14|2018-02-02 13:50:00|SN: 2001751076|SMC 6000A|2001751076|5405|0|16.234|0.0|333.0|0.0|5137|0|0|20.632|0.0|0.0|249.0|0.0|0.0|5405|5137|95.0|21662|65908935|49.95|31608.6|30125.6|75.7|OK|?|0.0
2018-02-02 13:45:14|2018-02-02 13:45:00|SN: 2001751076|SMC 6000A|2001751076|5391|0|16.388|0.0|329.0|0.0|5125|0|0|20.584|0.0|0.0|249.0|0.0|0.0|5391|5125|95.1|21250|65908523|49.93|31608.6|30125.5|75.7|OK|?|0.0
2018-02-02 13:40:13|2018-02-02 13:40:00|SN: 2001751076|SMC 6000A|2001751076|5438|0|16.331|0.0|333.0|0.0|5167|0|0|20.668|0.0|0.0|250.0|0.0|0.0|5438|5167|95.0|20821|65908094|49.89|31608.5|30125.5|75.3|OK|?|0.0
2018-02-02 13:35:13|2018-02-02 13:35:00|SN: 2001751076|SMC 6000A|2001751076|5390|0|16.486|0.0|327.0|0.0|5125|0|0|20.502|0.0|0.0|250.0|0.0|0.0|5390|5125|95.1|20390|65907663|50.0|31608.4|30125.4|75.7|OK|?|0.0
2018-02-02 13:30:27|2018-02-02 13:30:00|SN: 2001751076|SMC 6000A|2001751076|5394|0|16.496|0.0|327.0|0.0|5128|0|0|20.512|0.0|0.0|250.0|0.0|0.0|5394|5128|95.1|19976|65907249|50.07|31608.3|30125.3|75.3|OK|?|0.0
2018-02-02 13:25:04|2018-02-02 13:25:00|SN: 2001751076|SMC 6000A|2001751076|5417|0|16.466|0.0|329.0|0.0|5149|0|0|20.68|0.0|0.0|249.0|0.0|0.0|5417|5149|95.1|19515|65906788|50.02|31608.2|30125.2|75.7|OK|?|0.0
2018-02-02 13:20:14|2018-02-02 13:20:00|SN: 2001751076|SMC 6000A|2001751076|5425|0|16.591|0.0|327.0|0.0|5157|0|0|20.712|0.0|0.0|249.0|0.0|0.0|5425|5157|95.1|19099|65906372|49.92|31608.1|30125.1|75.7|OK|?|0.0
2018-02-02 13:15:15|2018-02-02 13:15:00|SN: 2001751076|SMC 6000A|2001751076|5418|0|16.47|0.0|329.0|0.0|5150|0|0|20.602|0.0|0.0|250.0|0.0|0.0|5418|5150|95.1|18667|65905940|49.95|31608.1|30125.0|75.7|OK|?|0.0
2018-02-02 13:10:15|2018-02-02 13:10:00|SN: 2001751076|SMC 6000A|2001751076|5421|0|16.087|0.0|337.0|0.0|5150|0|0|20.684|0.0|0.0|249.0|0.0|0.0|5421|5150|95.0|18237|65905510|49.93|31608.0|30125.0|75.7|OK|?|0.0
2018-02-02 13:06:45|2018-02-02 13:05:00|SN: 2001751076|SMC 6000A|2001751076|5410|0|16.247|0.0|333.0|0.0|5140|0|0|20.646|0.0|0.0|249.0|0.0|0.0|5410|5140|95.0|17941|65905214|49.95|31607.9|30124.9|75.3|OK|?|0.0
sqlite> select * from inverters;
2001751076|SN: 2001751076|SMC 6000A|12.12.207.R|1517544514|5002|25.753|65913|31609.4|30126.4|OK|?|0.0
sqlite> .quit
pi@rpi1:~/smadata $

This is not OK I guess

@dhunt. I noticed that when you ran /usr/local/bin/sbfspot.3/SBFspot -v -finq -nocsv you got:

Failed to get current plant time (-1)
SetPlantTime returned an error: -1

I had this as well with my new inverter. After some investigation I found the following in my inverter manual:

“Changing the Plant Time For communication via Bluetooth and Sunny Explorer, you must change the plant time (date and time) using a communication product after commissioning. This prevents errors when retrieving saved events”.

So the solution was to install Sunny Explorer on my laptop, connect it to my inverter and set the plant time from there.

Hope this helps - Bob.

No it’s not, but doesn’t SBFspot set the plant time?

That’s what it should do, but sometimes it fails

Hi all

I’m trying to get SBF spot up and running but knowing nothing about SQL, am stuck once things don’t happen as they should in the wiki. My first issue is that I have followed the wiki to set up the SQLiye data base but just get a message saying access denied, even though I was using the command prompt with admin rights.

If anyone has the time (and patience) to assist, I’d be eternally grateful.

Well, at least we need some more info… a screenshot is always helpful
What command did you execute?


I was following this guide: SBFspot V3 Quick Reference Windows EN 1.1.

and followed the following steps:

  1. Download SQLite Studio (
    Install (copy) it to “C:\Program Files\SQLite Studio” - Done

  2. Download & install SQLite3 command-line shell (
    Install (unzip) it to “C:\Program Files\SQLite3”**- Done - Although the only Command Line Program I could find on that link was

  3. Open a Windows Command box - cmd.exe
    Create directories:
    md “C:\Program Files (x86)\SBFspot.3”
    md “C:\Users\Public\SMAdata”
    md “C:\Users\Public\SMAdata\Logs”

Download the win32 zip file for SQLite to C:\TEMP and unzip to C:\Program Files(x86)\SBFspot.3
Done Although Windows would not let me extract the files directly into that directory. I had to open the archive in winzip, then drag the individual files into the directory as an administrator.

Create an empty database cd “C:\Users\Public\SMAdata” “C:\Program Files\SQLite3\sqlite3.exe” SBFspot.db < “C:\Program Files\SBFspot.3\CreateSQLiteDB.sql”
Failed. When I try to run the command “C:\Program Files\SQLite3\sqlite3.exe SBFspot.db < C:\Program Files(x86)\SBFspot.3\CreateSQLiteDB.sql” I get the following message:

c:\Users\Public\SMAdata>C:\Program Files\SQLite3\sqlite3.exe SBFspot.db < C:\Program Files(x86)\SBFspot.3\CreateSQLiteDB.sql
The system cannot find the file specified.

You can also copy the pre-built SBFspot_Empty.db from C:\Program Files\SBFspot.3 to C:\Users\Public\SMAdata
Rename it to SBFspot.db
I do not see any such file in the SBFspot.3 directory

This is as far as I’ve gotten

I think you are mixing C:\Program Files(x86)\SBFspot.3 and C:\Program Files\SBFspot.3

If you have a 64-bit windows, use C:\Program Files(x86)\SBFspot.3 everywhere
If you have a 32-bit windows, use C:\Program Files\SBFspot.3 everywhere

Hope this helps

Thanks but I don’t think that’s the problem. I have 64 bit windows 10 and used C:\Program Files(x86)\SBFspot.3 everywhere. One thing, when I do get this up and running,will SbfSpot also upload consumption data? I have an e-meter and home manager connected and see both consumption and generation in Sunny Portal?


When you enter the consumption data into the consumption table, it should get uploaded, but only during production hours.
I never really tested this option

I had the exact same problem when I tried to follow the instructions from the wiki and create a database. ( The system cannot find the file specified.).
Edit: Now I realize that I misinterpreted the text in the wiki. It says
"Download the win32 zip file for SQLite to C:\TEMP and unzip to C:\Program Files\SBFspot.3"

But it’s not the SQLite zip file, that this is about. Instead it’s the SBFSpot zip file! The one for usage with SQLite. It can be found here:
(The latest today is called [])