SBFspot - Docker

Seems SolarExplorer ( ) has created 3 docker containers for running SBFspot. But they are arm based.

I would like to get the same setup on Intel. Anyone did this already? Any guidance? I’m sorry to mention this, but I have only basic Linux experience… so if I need to recompile something also some guidance on that would be nice.

To be honest, it would probably be quicker if you learnt the necessary skills to run a docker image on linux ARM rather than wait, and hope that someone recompiles the software for Intel. That may never happen, you will forever be dependant upon someone else’s good graces,

You might be better to purchase a Raspberry Pi and practice installing and then getting it up and running with Docker, and finally the image you want. The thing about Linux is that once you have chosen a “Flavour” ie Distribution, it virtually works the same on ARM, Intel and every other CPU it’s been ported to. Nothing new to learn.

A quick google search shows the best beginners Distribution is Raspberry PI OS (RPiOS) is based on Debian (as is Ubuntu). The Debian package system is relatively straight forward, nothing to recompile. There will be a ton of tutorials on the web to enable you to get docker up and running on a RPiOS.

The other nice thing you can do to get the skills you need is install Debian on either an old machine you have lying around, or as a Virtual Machine using something like Virtualbox. You can wreck as many images as you want with Virtualbox (the trick here is to copy the virgin install hard drive image somewhere safe so you don’t have to re-install from scratch every time) without too much angst. Virtual box Debian will be almost the same as RPiOS, so transferable skills.

Having some Linux experience will give you a huge amount of freedom. Being able to run containers on Linux is enormously beneficial. Not the easiest to learn, however, once you do it opens up a huge vista of opportunities as so much software and online support is available,

To give you a concrete example, I just installed a Solar system, found a docker image I needed for my Sungrow inverter, and went from nothing to uploading to PVoutput in a week using an repurposed second hand Intel machine running Ubuntu.

If that image had been only available for ARM, I would only have to wait for the RPi to physically arrive, maybe a day or two to get the install right, and away.

Debian based systems are widely deployed and give you a huge boost once you have overcome the “activation energy” of leaning Linux. Great skills to have in your back pocket.

just my 2c worth.