SBFspot and upload to PVoutput with multi inverter


I’m new to the site but have have PVoutput account for 12 years.

My issue is I’m trying to replace my Webbox, which died in April 2021 and due to SMA brilliant (Not :hot_face:) customer service I can neither get it repaired or replaced.

So I started a journey to try and use SBFspot on a RPI4 to replace it. Using sbfspot-config I managed to get it running and even today got it to upload but with lots of errors, for example todays temperature was apparently 65 degrees C, I’m in England not the Maojave :smiley:

I have multi inverter set to “1” and when I boot SBFspot it sees two inverters. but the data it sends to the CSV files and PVUpload is all over the place.

My problem is that my PVoutput account was set up to accept data from Webbox which was configured as a “Plant” so when it uploaded data from my plant it was an amalgamation of both inverters added together, not individual inverter data.

sbfspot upload is sending data from each individual inverter.

Is there anyway around this?

Many thanks


The temperature is the internal temperature of your inverter, not the ambiant one.
You can modify the PVoutput view in the database to sum up the values of the inverters.

Hi SBF, Thanks, I’ll check the the inverters temperatures using Sunny Explorer.

I assume you means the SBF database before the PVupload is sent?

How do I tell SBFspot to add the two values before storing in the DB, I didn’t see anything the to config files that would do that.



You can’t. This is an extra SBFspot feature which is not available in SE

Personally I don’t recommend sending the sum of your inverters to PVoutput. It is more difficult to detect issues with one of your devices.
PVO can consolidate 2 child systems into 1 parent system. See data aggregation