SBFspot and Sunnyboy SB5.0-1SP-US-41

I’m researching software for monitoring and upload to pvoutput, found sbfspot, this is a newly installed inverter, the previous was an ABB Uno, with 123solar for monitoring and upload, sadly it failed with error code 031, 5 years, 8 months since new, rather than send it back for repair, I chose to replace.
In reading thru the documentation for sbfspot, I see it will communicate with the inverter, via bluetooth, no bluetooth on this model.
What information is exposed via bluetooth that is not exposed via wlan?
The installer has yet to provide me with the passwords to allow me to login, the only way I’m able to view any data, at this point, is to use the crappy software, webconnect. very long delays in viewing the data. I have found sunnyportal2pvoutput, and just made an upload yesterday. The reason given by the installer for not providing me with the passwords, voids the warranty, we shall see in the long run, what happens.
What permissions are required to access production values, is user sufficient or installer needed?
Thanks for the efforts on creating this program.

SBFspot also connects via LAN


I have it set up on My Raspberry Pi 4, sends up the data every 5 minutes to PVOutput.
Both my Pi and SMA inverter are connected with a ethernet cable.

Works as a charm.

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As a repeat

User level access is all that is needed for SBFSpot to read inverter, via Wlan or Lan you get the same data access, and upload to Pvoutput.

Thanks anderdd, just the info I needed, the installers arrive today to allow me to ethernet connect.

Mexjerry, I called up sma and they happily gave me the puk for both installer and user accounts. I actually didn’t even try with the installer.

Thanks, where are you located?
I’m in Mexico, so a bit of language barrier, and past emails, they say talk to your installer.
The regional office doesn’t want to get involved.

Located in Australia

quite sometime has passed, finally got my PUK from SMA, now to setup the pi