SBF spot to fetch and upload consumption values


I have installed SBFspot ver3.40 on a Raspi fetching data from a SUNNY BOY 3.6. which is communicating with a Home Manager2.0 (including Energy Meter).
I am uploading Generation Data succesully here - nevertheless I wonder how to upload Consuption data. In SBFspot there is obviously evrything prepared for consumtion upload (looking into the table vwPvoData the fields V1…V6 should be uploaded:
dd.TotalYield AS V1,
dd.Power AS V2,
cons.EnergyUsed AS V3,
cons.PowerUsed AS V4,
spot.Temperature AS V5,
spot.Uac1 AS V6,
Actually there is no Consumtion data at all provided by my Inverter so that the SBFspot.db entries are empty.
And now my question:
How could I change sbfspot bin (/usr/local/bin/sbfspot.3/SBFspot -v -finq -nocsv) to upload also the consumption data from my inverter?


Yes, preparation for consumption upload is done, but I’m waiting for some clever people to finish and test it…
Actually you have to feed the data into the consumption table. This is the first challenge. Upload daemon stops uploading when production stops. This will stop consumption upload too. This is the second challenge.


Ok, understood. Thank you.
I was not sure if it was already integrated since I do not understand the command line switches you are using for sbfspot (-apm, -v …). I hoped it was hidden in there already.

Nevertheless I would volunteer to trial early versions if it helps.