SBF or SMA hiccup affects upload to PVO

Hi, H
Have two Pi 4s pulling data from SMA inverter and uploading to PVOutput.
All has been working well since mid September when first configured.

Today, using DBEditor, it appears that SBFdatabase has a record from soon after sunrise today where the output is way over 20000.
(One record for today in each DB on each Pi.)
So I ran the troubleshooting routine to find and delete the errant records.
That fixed the upload issue.

Why does this happen?
Given it hit both Pis and each is pulling from the same inverter should we blame SMA?

Is there anyway to avoid the hiccup in future, please?


This is a known issue (for me it’s an inverter problem, not SBFspot)

Thanks for your response. As I indicated I fixed the problem, am trying to find out why it happens and how we might avoid it in future.