Save graph setting on roll-over to next day

Hi, the live graph auto roll-over to the next day (ie at midnight, live graph changes to the next day automatically) feature has been working great. However, it would be great if the graph settings from the previous day were also maintained? 99% of the time I just want to see the instantaneous power generation and instantaneous power consumption graphs and hide all other data (including total energy shading for each of these). So I have to set this up each morning as it gets cleared as part of the midnight refresh.

Any luck with this idea?

It is something under consideration.

This feature is now available, new day rollovers no longer reloads the complete page and will retain current graph settings for subsequent days.

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Hi, the automatic day rollover seems to be broken? The saving of settings with auto rollover was working fine for some time, but now it doesn’t seem to automatically change to the next day.

There have been updates to the page, a manual refresh will be required.