Save “Customize” settings on “Analyse” tab


As the header states, is there a way to save the “Customize” settings on the “Analyse” tab?

I can enter settings here, which is great to break out TOU periods, however the settings do not stick if navigating off the current page.

URL Ref—>
Customize Settings:

Not at the moment, converting this to an idea for feature enhancement.

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The hour segment settings are now automatically saved when Updated is clicked when logged in.

Click Reset button to remove the segmentation display, this doesn’t affect the last saved settings.

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It appears that sometimes it saves the custom settings, sometimes it doesn’t. When it does save them, it also doesn’t automatically apply them when you leave a tab and later return to the same tab. It would be great if it did this as well.

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Thank you sir! Confirmed working here as well. Much appreciated.

EDIT: After some additional testing, it appears the settings stick, however they are not reapplied when you access the “analyse” screen and default values remain.

Applicable URL: (Site Details Redacted

**Screenshot of settings (these DO stick upon session exit)


Screenshot of page showing defaults - even though settings are saved

I am seeing the same thing as well. Settings are saved, but not reapplied to the analyse screen.