Save calculated gross consumption from entered import data

In the daily, monthly and yearly view the calculated consumption is displayed correctly but on the statistics view the total/gross consumption is left blank (-) in all columns and in the seasonal view it shows 0.000kWh.

It would be great when the total/gross consumption is also calculated, saved and exposed via the API’s. None of the calculated consumption values can be retrieved via the API’s and therefore not visible in apps, e.g. PVOutputPro (iOS).

Note: in my case I am unable to measure consumption directly because the inverter puts the generated power directly on our home grid. Surplus is exported to energy grid and measured by our smartmeter. I can only gain insight in gross consumption by calculating ‘(generated - exported) + imported’.

Is the import data saved manually via the Add Output page or using the Add Output API service?

Via Add Output API service. My smartmeter logs are extracted from the grid provider by an independent party (Enelogic) and I pull the data from their API and push it to PVOutput (via Google App Script).

Edit: Note that I only upload daily import totals with a 2-3 day delay due to the delay in availability upstream.

Just to illustrate what I am experiencing:

Daily view including PVOutput calculated consumption :grinning:

PVOutput GetStatus API request for the same day*******&sid=57574&d=20180731
[19-01-23 16:24:58:041 CET] System Status Day: 20180731,23:45,23660,0,NaN,NaN,NaN,19.3,NaN

No numeric values available (NaN) for Energy Consumption and Power Consumption :frowning:

Don’t know if it is a coincidence but I just noticed that the Success Message example on the Help page also shows ‘NaN’ for both consumption values (

Thanks we will get this added to Add Output API

Hi BB,

Any news on this one? I would love to have the calculated consumption figures in all overviews and API responeses. Snapshot below is another example where this value is missing:


Its on the ideas list, but no ETA

This feature is now available. The daily consumption figure is calculated and saved when sending the Add Output request with import data only.

The export and generation required for the calculation have be uploaded previously or in the same request.