Save battery power until peak time


I have 6kW array feeding solarX1 Inverter feeding 18kWh batteries
My electrify supply is on a variable tariff - most expensive 1600 - 1900hrs each day.
With limited solar production at present is there a way to automatically set up Inverter / battery’s so that I save all the battery until peak time?


Probably no help in an immediate sense, but from a point of view of product awareness, Tesla Powerwalls and Gateway do this automatically when in Advanced -> Cost Saving mode… Mine do. You configure it via the Tesla app.

Tesla Powerwall support


Hi @alandlaney I also have Solax X1 inverter feeding 9kWh batteries. I monitor my inverter locally using a Raspberry Pi, it is all rather complicated I have a very boring youtube video here
Once this is setup you can send commands to your inverter at a time that suits your situation. For me I don’t want the oven using up all my battery just in case we get a power cut in the evening so I send this command /?optType=DischargeMaxCurrent&DischargeMaxCurrentValue=250& HTTP/1.1 at 17:00hrs this only allows the battery to discharge at a max current of 2.5amps then when cooking is over I send the command to set it back to 15amps discharge.
I could just as easily set the battery to discharge at 0amps at 1900hrs and 15amps at 1600hrs which would do what you want. All this can be done manually from the Solax app
Its taken me a long time to get it all working and don’t really recommend it unless you love dabbling and computing and know a bit about the Pi and Node Red. I really like having full control of my inverter and uploading my readings to PVoutput with no reliance on the Solax cloud