Sanity check on my output entries

Hi everyone, really great to be here amongst such knowledgable people!

Can a kind soul please have a look at my graphs and let me know that my system is recording properly? I have the Fronius GEN24 5.0 single-phase inverter and the Fronius Smartmeter installed, and I came across a distinction in the pvoutput API documentation that there are differences between gross/net and accrued/accumulated power and I suddenly got confused whether the upload script I am using are sending the wrong details to pvoutput.

Here’s my graph, we’re a two-person household with little consumption, does everything look normal?

Thanks in advance!

well, it looks as if only string of panels is working as the total output should be 5,000+ wats at this time and with your grid voltage.
i am 200km south of you and have a similar setup and have been showing 5,000+ wats for the last 2hrs

Not so sure about that… if that is the case you would still have some kind of gauss curve. IMO the inverter is derating or is power limited at 3kW in some way

Consumption is dropping to 0W during generation hours which suggests it is feeding net consumption rather than gross.

If using “Add Status” API, add “&n=1” to the consumption update.

Thanks for the explanation! Indeed, the inverter is set to limit export power to 3kW max, due to Western Power rules for certain strata properties, I called them to check why and “it’s the rules”

This makes sense about the consumption numbers, thanks for the advice to set the &n=1 parameter, I’ll try that!

So for all my previous days of uploaded status data, how do I retroactively change all those as well? Download and reupload somehow?