Samil Solar River Twin system How to donate data

Hi I have 2 systems in operation, one main system is South East facing & catches the early morning sun & I have a second smaller array on the rear which faces North West & is very shaded by trees.
I have earlier this year managed to get the smaller system set up on a matching Samil inverter which now sits on the sam account & allows me to see live data on both systems & would like to be able to have a regular update to this community.
But cannot see how to generate the required API code, does anyone else have a system set up to do this via the Samil portal that can assist?:wink:

Hi, I too have a system with 2 Samilpower inverters, 1 East connected to 7 250w PV panels and 1 west connected to 7 250w PV panels. My panels are on my garage roof and the inverters are inside my garage. I’m monitoring both inverters using usb to com port cables connected to a netbook which runs 24/7 using PVBeanCounter software (I also have a small PC which runs 24/7). Everything is done automatically once setup and runs very reliably. I upload the data to PVOutput along with lots of other items i monitor across my house (a much smaller smaller DIY solar install, Gas useage, Netbook power consumption + others) if you search xion2000 on pvoutput you will see all my uploads. I also use numerous pieces of Current Cost equipment to help me achieve this. If you are interested I can share more details of my setup with you.

Hi Thanks for responding, I was hoping to achieve this without adding the need of a computer, I am also monitoring with Owl & Wattson energy monitor.
Both of which are in addition to having both inverters on the Samil Portal.
I will certainly look into your outputs & see what your generating & using & see if your doing additional things other than ones that I am already doing.

Its surprising how little power a netbook uses when the screen is off, mine uses about 15w. I use a free remote access software called teamviewer which I use to access the netbook in the garage from my main PC in the house so I can check / adjust anything on either the PVOutput Integration Service or PVBeanCounter or Samil Power SolarPower Browser without going anywhere near the computer, even when away on holiday!!

What model inverters do you have, what data connections via cables or wifi do they have and how do they upload the data to the Samil Portal. I’m trying to work out how we get you the API code, it’s been several years since I set mine up on PVOutput.
When you create a PVOutput account you should be able to go to Settings where you can request an API key.

Hi I am using wired network connection from both my Samil Solar River inverters & they both report into the Samil Portal.

Can you expand a little on that, I’m intersted in alternative ways of connecting Samil inverters up for data collection. I’m using each inverters RS232 port with an RS232 to USB cable connected into my netbook, I tried network cables but could not get it to work

Hi xion 2000 I wonder if you can help me. I have a Solar River SR3K3TLA1 inverter which I would like to monitor using PVBean Counter and PVOutput using a USB Serial converter and a Windows compuer. I have a Windows 7 or a Windows 10 machine I could use. I have several goes at setting this up and I wondered if you might be able to send me some screen shots of your set up? All help much appreciated Thanks George