ROI Calculator Bug


Hi @bankstownbloke I think there’s a bug in the ROI Calculator, If you look at the attached screen cap you’ll see that I have the Start Date set to 25/09/18 but the Average Generation is ignoring that and calculating generation based on 1,845 days (well before I had solar and was just monitoring energy consumption).


The ROI calculator has been updated.

The link now appears as ‘Returns’, previously ‘ROI’.

The same details are entered in a dialogue box. Average generation only uses days with generation present and the value can be updated.

The returns graph now includes a ‘Time’ series shown in months since install.



Thanks @bankstownbloke that fixed things nicely.

Btw, I found that in the various ladders they also calculate on account age instead of system generation days. Wouldnt it be better to use the System install date for this sort of thing?


Ladder efficiency displayed is already using generation days -