Retention of data rules


Sorry if this is covered elsewhere, but I can’t seem to find how long intra-day data is stored on PVOUTPUT. I had some records from July 2011 and these seem to have gone, up to November 2011. So is the answer 9 years? Will all other data be kept or will the weekly and monthy also drop off at some point?


All intraday data is kept.

e.g. This one has been logging since 2010

Some of the ones with missing intraday have the comment ‘manual usage’, is it possible the live data was deleted?


My intraday data goes back to 20 Dec 2011 while my first entry was on 20 Jul 2011. I don’t actually recall when I joined PVOutput. It was most likely around Dec 2011 and I seem to recall backloading summary data back to Jul when my system was commissioned.


Ahah. I think pjschaffer has a point - I maybe backdated daily data for a few months after joining so only have intra-day from Nov 2011. Great to hear we have it all preserved on PVOUTPUT - wonderful and thanks for the answers.