Restore data to SMA inverter


I have an SMA 1700 inverter with a bluetooth piggyback add-on which can communicate with SMA’s Sunny Beam (SB) monitor. Over 6 years, the clock had become 18 minutes fast, so I tried to reset it. The ‘Set time and date’ function on the SB didn’t work - it kept reverting to the incorrect time. Somehow during this process I succeeded in resetting the time but all previous data has been erased. Fortunately I have backups, on my PC and also via However, I can’t restore this data via the SB’s USB port, even if put into the SB’s required CSV format - the SB seems to be read-only. Moreover, the data really needs to be on the piggyback, which powers down completely when the sun has set, so presumably is held in NVRAM. I’m assuming the data must be held in the piggyback because the Oxley app on my tablet can’t access it either, so it must have been erased.

Any ideas?

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