Reports set to weekly but receive overlapping data for multiple weeks

Hi, I have reporting enabled and it shows as set to weekly (System: Zonnevis, 85081).
I’m also receiving the reports regularly, however the included data is not from the week before.

The last few reports f.i. included the following data:

  • 30/11 - 29/12
  • 22/11 - 22/12
  • 15/11 - 15/12
  • 1/11 - 1/12
  • 24/10 - 22-11 etc.

As you can see, it looks a bit like monthly data but then again not quite. Every report has multiple overlapping periods with previous reports and therefore making them a bit strange.

I would actually love to receive real monthly reports which then also only include the data from the previous month (so 28/29, 30 or 31 days of data), is that possible?
If not, can you please set the data select string to include in the report to just include the week you’re sending, so I’ll begetting the same amount of reports but no overlap?

Last question, is it possible to check before the reports are generated whether you already received data for all days included in the report and if there are missing days sent an email warning me first so I can manually add it? Sent a new complete report f.i. three days after the mail for missing data was sent so you have some time to add it?

Would be great, thanks!

The (PDF) reporting functionality is quite old and won’t be getting any new changes or enhancements.

The system ‘Your Outputs’ page shows if there are any gaps in the data, but you would need to visit the page to see this.

There is already an ‘Idle Alert’ function that sends an email if your system stops reporting -