Replacement for CurentCost EnviR (with same clamps?)

Hi everyone,

Just looking for a bit of advice now that the sad day has come and one of my CurrentCost EnviR transmitters has packed it in (after 10+ years of flawless operation). I haven’t been able to find a replacement, so I’m now looking at the next best solution - replacing the whole system but hopefully still using the same CT clamps so I don’t have to touch the setup in the meter box. Just wondering if this is even possible - does anyone know if the clamps are compatible across systems? If not, any ideas on what completely new setup would be best? We have three phase power with solar on one of the phases. Obviously I’d like it to be able to send data to PVOutput.

Thank you in advance,

I too use CC equipment and have done for many years. Which type of transmitter has failed (they made several types).
Old Current Cost equipment pops up quite frequently on ebay UK, that might be a cheaper option even with postage (I’m presuming you in Oz) than replacing everything.
I’m not aware of any other equipment that’s compatible with CC clamps.

Thank you for your advice. It’s this one: I opened it and checked that the board was getting sufficient power and it was so something else went wrong but I didn’t see any obvious signs (singes etc). You used to be able to buy them on eBay direct from CurrentCost as individual items but it seems their account is gone now. I’ll set up an ongoing search in the hope that something pops up. Thanks again!

Are you in the UK?
I found this on ebay UK