Removing erroneous data - how?

A change at my end meant I needed to manually upload yesterday’s data via the live loader.

That’s worked OK except PVO is showing an erroneous extra data point at 24:00 with a power spike of 95,136W.

There was no such extra data point in the data I uploaded and I can’t seem to remove it.

I tried to do a single point overwrite with the live loader but it won’t accept an input time of 24:00

Any clues on removing the erroneous data point?


Hi @wattmatters,

What if you try 23:59 on the same date and let it get rounded by PVO?

Alternatively and using similar logic you could try 0:00 or 0:01 on the [DEL]previous[/DEL] following date.


Use the Delete Status API to remove a single data point.

Will remove the 24:00 data point on 2020-06-15

Perfect. Didn’t know about that option. Error corrected, thanks.

Help link for reference: